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  1. Ah the all inclusive resorts are the best (usually because it involves being on a beach). i just need a pool and I’m all set
  2. The Bruins are on fire. Was considering going to a hame when visiting Boston but I’m worried about the ticket prices now!
  3. Yoshi

    Best Club?

    Oh man would have loved to see deorro but I won’t be here until 2 more weeks.
  4. This is awesome! Thanks so much! out of the ones you listed, if you had to pick 3, which ones would you do. We probably only have 1 day to do breweries. also does your map have any way to show the subway on it as well?
  5. Which one would you personally recommend? Thinking just hitting 1 or 2 for a daytime activity. Preferably near downtown.
  6. Nintendo guy through and through. Love that big fruity dinosaur.
  7. Hotel, definitely for me. I like a comfy bed.
  8. Damn, looks like a good view. The rooftop bar open in the winter?
  9. Yoshi

    Best Club?

    Thanks man, I'll definitely give them all a look. Don't care too much about big name DJ's so will most likely check out Whiskey Saigon. What time do clubs usually get popping and close down in Boston?
  10. Looking for some of the better breweries near Boston. I obviously know about Sam Adams and Harpoon but am looking more for local stuff.
  11. Coming to Boston in a few weeks and was wondering what the best clubs were?
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