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  1. Traffic is brutal so you should base where you live upon where you work. Traffic is worse in the snow and rain. The T (subway) often has delays, especially in winter. There's little to no parking. I think the best thing is to research commute times. And also apartments in the city are small. So if you're moving furniture make sure you measure first or you may not be able to fit your couch/bed in.
  2. Definitely check out the Paul Revere House, the Boston Tea Party Museum, the USS Constitution. If you take the redline down to Quincy, MA you can check out the John Quincy Adam's birthplace and museum.
  3. Bad areas are Roxbury, Mattapan, most of Dorchester. You generally won't find much trouble unless you go looking for it, as there's not much in those neighborhoods except maybe a zoo.
  4. https://www.patriotledger.com/news/20190318/tenants-told-they-wont-be-moving-back-after-quincy-fire Good on UHaul for offering free storage. The building management sounds shady.
  5. I don't think racism is really prevalent here but there is a trend of minorities living in the poorer and more dangerous communities. Mattapan, Roxbury, Dorchester are some of the rougher areas. But it's not as bad as other cities. If you're not out looking for trouble then you will most likely be left alone.
  6. https://www.nhl.com/bruins/video/bergerons-late-go-ahead-goal/t-277437088/c-66651503
  7. Freedom Trail is a little overrated as well as Christopher Columbus Park, unless it has the lights up for Christmas.
  8. Alexx

    Best Club?

    When are you coming? EDM Train is a good site/app to check out what's going on. https://edmtrain.com/boston-ma Tritonal at House of Blues tonight and Deorro at the Grand tonight.
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