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  1. Live PD, Cops, America's Funniest Home Videos, Grey's Anatomy, Chicago Med, and several others. 😄
  2. It is a pain esp. since it used to be free on the PS3. I don't really play a lot on console so it might not be worth it for me....
  3. I tried it and hated it. I don't like no respawning. I landed on the ground and got sniped out of nowhere. Screw that crap. lol
  4. I heard about the Playstation 5 but I have no idea on the specs! I imagine it will be pretty badass tho. hehe
  5. I like pretty much any trance electronica. I also really dig goth rock and dream pop (with female vocals). 😄
  6. Nothing. It would be a waste. lol
  7. zoldos

    Dream Car

    What kind of computer do you have now? 😄
  8. zoldos

    Dream Car

    A car that won't break down. LOL
  9. On disability here. Since 2012, but worked retail around 10 years....
  10. 60 degrees F! But it has cooled down a lot. 😞
  11. Currently, I'd have to say Dark City Director's Cut. Very cool movie!!
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