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  2. Greece. Greece has great diversity and a range of places and landscapes that cannot be found together anywhere else. And also food here is ten times better and healthier not only because recipes have been perfected over time, by generations of Greek families, but because Greek food is based on fresh products. Athens deserves one or two full days of sightseeing. But after that, get yourself to an island. Athens is great fun and a highlight for me, after a day of sightseeing, is watching a movie in an open-air cinema in the Plaka beneath the Acropolis. (Movies are in english with greek subtitles.) Athens deserves 1 or 2 full days of sightseeing. My wife and I used Athens Airport Transfer for a few days exploring up to Athens. There was no hassle, and pricing and pickup/drop-off were exactly as quoted.
  3. If you're looking to do some outdoor craft beer drinking, Boston is just the city to do it in. Here are some resources to help you: Wachusett to open seasonal beer garden at City Hall Plaza in May Trillium announces return to Greenway Beer Garden Complete map of Boston's Summer Beer Gardens Cheers,
  4. Live PD, Cops, America's Funniest Home Videos, Grey's Anatomy, Chicago Med, and several others. 😄
  5. It is a pain esp. since it used to be free on the PS3. I don't really play a lot on console so it might not be worth it for me....
  6. I tried it and hated it. I don't like no respawning. I landed on the ground and got sniped out of nowhere. Screw that crap. lol
  7. I heard about the Playstation 5 but I have no idea on the specs! I imagine it will be pretty badass tho. hehe
  8. I like pretty much any trance electronica. I also really dig goth rock and dream pop (with female vocals). 😄
  9. Nothing. It would be a waste. lol
  10. zoldos

    Dream Car

    What kind of computer do you have now? 😄
  11. zoldos

    Dream Car

    A car that won't break down. LOL
  12. On disability here. Since 2012, but worked retail around 10 years....
  13. 60 degrees F! But it has cooled down a lot. 😞
  14. Currently, I'd have to say Dark City Director's Cut. Very cool movie!!
  15. I love trance electronica. 😄 Also, goth/emo rock esp. with female vocals!
  16. Mine has to be hip hop, rnb and trap. Anyone else?
  17. What is your favorite movie? Mine is Venom! Love Tom Hardy!
  18. What kind of things can you do in Boston? I would like to find out all the common stuff tourists do so I can do them when I go there in a couple months!
  19. Huge fan of Rocket League. Anyone want a game on PS4, hit me up!
  20. Hi, I am planning to visit Boston in a couple months and wondered what are the touristy places to visit there?
  21. Hard to play favorites, and it totally depends on where you are and what you're looking for. Can't go wrong with Cambridge Brewing Company, Jack's Abby in Framingham, Notch in Salem, Fort Hill in Easthampton, Progression Brewing in Northampton, and of course Tree House & Trillium if you're a serious beer nerd, and dozens of others that have great taproom environments. Go explore and decide for yourself.
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